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Founder and CEO of Heavy Chef Pty Ltd. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Father of three. Winner of the 2015 IAB Bookmarks Award for "Best Individual Contribution to the Digital Industry". Listed as one of Fast Company's Top 100 Creative People in Business. Author of 'Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa'. My name means ‘peace’ in Danish.

Ideas Are Not Precious

Ideas Are Not Precious

Too many people I’ve met are so precious about their ideas that they’re reluctant to even talk about them to their closest friends.

They think the idea is the thing.

Believe me it’s not.

While it’s important, an idea is just the start.

It’s like the seed of blue gum tree: plant the seed in fertile soil, expose it to sunlight and it’ll shoot out the ground. From there it will jostle for position with other plants, compete like crazy, and take any number of shapes, and forms in its meandering route to the sky.

The point is, an idea is nothing if you keep it in the darkness.

Through exposing your idea to scrutiny of your trusted advisors, friends and mentors, it will be tested thoroughly.

Pitch it often to people you respect and open yourself up to qualified criticism. Be vulnerable and welcome harsh, constructive feedback. The last thing you want to do is keep the seed of a good idea hidden in your pocket. The best people to talk to, in my experience, are the contrarians.

I have several people who I go to with my business ideas, including my business partners Mike and Louis, who are certainly not shy to poke holes in my crazy ramblings.

Ideas are not precious.

Share them at will. Sow the seeds, and (from experience) you’ll be surprised by what grows and what doesn’t.


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