Fred Roed.

Founder and CEO of Heavy Chef Pty Ltd. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Father of three. Winner of the 2015 IAB Bookmarks Award for "Best Individual Contribution to the Digital Industry". Listed as one of Fast Company's Top 100 Creative People in Business. Author of 'Heavy Chef Guide To Starting A Business In South Africa'. My name means ‘peace’ in Danish.

Truthfully Speaking: When Truth Is Not Truth.

Truthfully Speaking: When Truth Is Not Truth.

There are two different types of truth.

Objective truth and subjective truth.

Objective truth is immutable, like 1 plus 1 = 2.

Subjective truth is personal and malleable, like “The government is corrupt.”

More and more people are saying things like “well, I believe that because it’s my truth”.

I think that’s nonsense.

I think we need to distinguish between ‘my truth’ and ‘my opinion’

Let’s have opinions, then expand and explain them with insights and solid reasoning.

Let’s not burden others with “it’s my truth”.

Rather say, “it’s my opinion”, and then be prepared for people with opposing opinions - and that’s okay.


Ideas Are Not Precious

Ideas Are Not Precious